Upgrade available to Deployment Targets not working


We have warnings about Upgrade available to Deployment Targets, Current Version is 6.1.938.
I clicked to Upgrade all targets and all steps resulted in success, but this warnings are still there and it is little bit misunderstood from our side.

Is it something wrong? How we could upgrade them?

Thank You,

Hey Shooty,

Thanks for reaching out and for all of the information.

This is actually a known issue: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/6909
Luckily, it is only a UI bug like you mentioned, and the upgrades do happen successfully.

Can you please subscribe to the issue to get updates on the resolution?

Please let me know if you think you don’t match the same issue in the GitHub link or if you have any other questions or concerns.


Yes, for sure I have subscribed.

And please which version is the newest?



The highest version of Tentacle available for manual installation is 6.1.736, however, when you click that button, the version that gets downloaded is dependent on whichever version of Tentacle was bundled with that specific version of Octopus Server. The same goes for calamari. Since you are on cloud, you are likely on 2021.2, so your version sounds about right. I could dig into the executable and check which version of tentacle is in your specific version if you want to know for certain. If you’d like me to please let me know which version your instance is running.


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