Updates to Octopus machine policy (SSH) not reflected when executing

Currently we have automated software platform deployments on the Linux platform that leave behind large artifacts (1+GB). Rather than adjust our retention policies we decided to add code to our machine policy to remove files from the working directories older than specified period of time. During testing we noticed that changes to the policy were not being implemented on the server and were able to prove it by replacing the code in the ‘SSH Endpoint Script Policy (custom)’ field with a echo statement. When we checked health against the target system we got the same output and the same commands run on a target server (local script) were fine.

Are policies executed remotely using SSH commands or is a script staged on the file system and then executed? Any suggestions would be helpful.



Thanks for contacting us. First off, is Calamari installed on the tentacles? If so would it be possible to get the log files from the tentacle? They should be in $HOME/.octopus.


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