Update request on 'Approval Gate' feature

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I had submitted an earlier ticket for a query last year, related to an issue I had encountered with the ‘Manual Intervention and approval step ’, where we were looking to essentially schedule a deployment in advance of a scheduled time, with the following steps below:

  • Release Candidate is created and ready in Octopus (Signed off by team and safe to ship)
  • Scheduled deployment time is agreed, inside customer’s agreed maintenance window

[Link to previous query]

The issue encountered was that the ‘Manual Intervention Required’ step can only be actioned at the point-in time of the Deployment starting.
(As our Manual approval step is within the context of the respective Octopus Project which deploys the Release to our customers)

The last post had referenced an ‘Approval Gate’ feature in development, is this feature now available within Octopus?

@Kenneth_Bates, @mark.harrison and @Bob_Walker had provided steps to build a Release Orchestration project to handle this in the interim, which I can look into if the ‘Approval Gate’ feature is still in development.


Could you please advise if the ‘Approval Gate’ feature is complete and available in Octopus Deploy? Or a possible delivery time if it’s still in development?

Thanks all!

Hi Michael,

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The “approval gate” feature has been implemented with our ServiceNow integration. The linked doc covers the feature in more detail but at a high level, when a deployment is started it will check for (or create) a change request within ServiceNow and will wait for the approval within ServiceNow before continuing.

It is worth noting that the ServiceNow integration does require an enterprise license.


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Good afternoon Paul,

Thanks for the rapid reply on this query and confirmation, apologies for the delay in me getting back to you.

Much appreciated for the help!

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