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I’ve got a few worker pools that we utilize for deployments. On each of these workers we essentially have a tooling directory which hold a variety of scripts that augment our various deployments. This tooling directory is packaged and what I’d like to do is occasionally be able to update all the workers with the latest version of this tooling package.

So planning on setting up a ‘tools update’ deployment process, but I am trying to see if there is a way that I can have it run against all of the workers.


Hi @cody.haugen,

Thanks for reaching out, and I would be happy to help with your questions on keeping tooling up-to-date on your workers!

As an initial step, I wanted to mention that we have a feature that might be a more scalable long-term solution for your use case, and it’s how we keep tooling in sync on our dynamic workers in Octopus Cloud as well. Using a custom container image with pre-defined tooling, you could leverage our execution containers feature to have your workers automatically pull the latest image each time they are used in your process. If this is something you’d like to explore more, I’ll also link a helpful blog post that should serve as a good jumping-off point for this:


If you want to explore your other approach some more (as you described in your initial post), one thing you might do is look into a way of scripting out the tooling update as part of your normal deployment process. So before beginning work on a deployment, you could check the tooling and pull the latest if needed - this approach would be good if you just wanted to be able to add additional workers to the pool with confidence that they will be using the latest tools when pulled into a deployment.

I hope this initial information helps, but let me know if you have any additional questions and I would be glad to assist further.



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