Uninstall of tentacle with chocolatey doesn't do anything

(Warren Rumak) #1

Hi all,

Just noticed that doing a “cuninst chocolatey.tentacle” doesn’t seem to do anything.
It would be pretty great if the chocolatey packages had a chocolateyUninstall.ps1 that calls the MSI uninstaller.

Here’s an example of a ps1 file from dotTrace’s chocolatey package for reference:


(Paul Stovell) #2

Hi Warren,

Thanks for getting in touch! We’ll try to address this in the future when we update the Chocolatey package.


(erickt) #3

Hey Paul,

Has this update been made? I would like to use chocolatey to deploy the tentacle on servers (we use chocolatey for most everything else).


(Vanessa Love) #4

Hi Erick,

Thanks for getting in touch! Are you having any troubles with chocolatey installing Tentacle or are you after confirmation that uninstall will work for when you need it?


(erickt) #5

Hey Vanessa,

It’s more the latter. We are looking at various DSC configuration systems (e.g., Chef), so having a clean uninstall is fairly important.


(Vanessa Love) #6

Hi Erick,

Thanks for confirming, I have created a GitHub issue which you can track here: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/1692


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