Unable to use variables in "Send an email" step

I see that this problem was logged some time back but was recently closed without resolution.

I’m trying to use a variable in the To: address of a send email step, but I am getting an exception as detailed below:

Octopus Server version: 3.3.10+Branch.master.Sha.365b9921133c9490a3ac820844cbb8edb603873f
Email parameters:
Subject: [Octopus] Succeeded
To: #{NotificationsTo}
Cc: #{NotificationsTo}
Bcc: #{NotificationsTo}
An operation in "Email on success" failed
The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address.

as you can see it seems to be not resolving the variable ‘NotificationsTo’, and using the raw value ‘#{NotificationsTo}’ as the address!

I’ve enabled the OctopusPrintVariables and can see the correct email addresses in the variable.

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for reaching out! Could you send us that log with OctopusPrintVariables enabled so we can take a look at it? Feel free to make this thread private if you don’t want that log to be public.