Unable to download package


I am trying to implement my first deployment, and all works well until I try to create a release.

  • I have a NuGet repository on a local Artifactory server.
  • I can find the package from the external feeds page.
  • When I click on Create Release, the packages are listed correctly.
  • When I save the release, the list of packages shows each package with an error, i.e.,
    The resource 'SW.FACTFinder.DataService.ServiceHost version 1.0.0' was not found.

If I try to go ahead and deploy the release I get:

Downloading NuGet package SW.FACTFinder.DataService.ServiceHost 1.0.0 from feed: 'http://ivy.sherwin.com/artifactory/api/nuget/factfinder-nuget-local'
Unable to download package: Could not find package SW.FACTFinder.DataService.ServiceHost 1.0.0 in feed: 'http://ivy.sherwin.com/artifactory/api/nuget/factfinder-nuget-local'
Failed to download package SW.FACTFinder.DataService.ServiceHost 1.0.0 from feed: 'http://ivy.sherwin.com/artifactory/api/nuget/factfinder-nuget-local'
System.Exception: The package could not be downloaded from NuGet. If you are getting a package verification error, try switching to a Windows File Share package repository to see if that helps.
   at Calamari.Integration.PackageDownload.PackageDownloader.AttemptToDownload(String packageId, SemanticVersion version, Uri feedUri, String cacheDirectory, String& downloadedTo, IPackage& downloaded) in C:\TeamCity\BuildAgent\work\14ffc968155e4956\source\Calamari\Integration\PackageDownload\PackageDownloader.cs:line 152
   at Calamari.Integration.PackageDownload.PackageDownloader.DownloadPackage(String packageId, SemanticVersion version, String feedId, Uri feedUri, Boolean forcePackageDownload, String& downloadedTo, String& hash, Int64& size) in C:\TeamCity\BuildAgent\work\14ffc968155e4956\source\Calamari\Integration\PackageDownload\PackageDownloader.cs:line 45
   at Calamari.Commands.DownloadPackageCommand.Execute(String[] commandLineArguments) in C:\TeamCity\BuildAgent\work\14ffc968155e4956\source\Calamari\Commands\DownloadPackageCommand.cs:line 59

I have tried both options:

Octopus Server will download the package, then securely upload it to the Tentacles
Each Tentacle will download the package directly from the remote server

Finally, both the server and the tentacle services are started with the same windows userid.

I’m on version 3.3.20, the diagnostics file is attached, along with some images.



OctopusDeploy-636073930556195191.zip (1 KB)

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for reaching out! It looks like you’re hitting this error due to a very small difference in the naming. Notice the ‘DataService’ and ‘Dataservice’ between the package name and the one the system is looking for:


whereas the package name is actually:


Artifactory is case-sensitive, so just make sure you change either the package name or the name being searched so they match each other exactly.

Let me know how you go!


Wow. Thanks for the quick response. I never would have found that.


Hi Patrick,

No problem! I hope that got you going :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any further questions!