Unable to deploy PVC from octopus deploy


i am trying to deploy persistent volume claim yaml file through octopus deploy using Run a Kubernetes CLI script step . But it is getting failed with below error message .Kindly suggest

The step failed: Activity Run a kubectl CLI Script for Persistent volume claim on the Octopus Server failed with error ‘The machine will not be deployed to because it is not an Kubernetes target.’.

Hi @kakarlayogitha,
Is your Run a kubectl CLI script step targeting a role that contains a Kubernetes target? Are you able to execute other basic kubectl commands against that same role or target?

This document explains how to add a Kubernetes target and further down the page also provides a script to help troubleshoot issues.

Please let me know if you’re able to run a basic kubectl command against the same target using the Run kubectl CLI script step and if that debugging script sheds any light.


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