Unable to Delete Project

I am unable to delete a project after upgrading to 3.0. I get this error when trying to go the settings of the project “The resource ‘deploymentprocess-Projects-8’ was not found.”

There has to be some way to delete these old projects. Please help!

Hi Sean,

This would have happened when upgrading to 3.0, for a project with Azure or FTP steps - the deployment process won’t have been imported, so the project is in a broken state. This is a bug that we’ve fixed and we’ll make a fix for the UI to make it easy to delete shortly. Sorry for the trouble.

Here’s the ticket to track the issue.



Also, if you upgrade to 3.0.7 (due out shortly) and re-import the backup this problem will be cured - the Project will be re-imported with the deprecated steps so you can edit it (but cannot deploy it).


Hi Sean,

We have written a PowerShell script that goes through and determines projects in this state, and deletes them for you.

Instructions are in the notes with the gist. By default running the command is a preview until you add the delete flag.

Thanks and sorry for the troubles

Thanks guys for all the input, I do have one question though. Do i have to import the original backup that i used to get to 3.0 or can i use a current backup?

Hi Sean,

You can use a current backup.