Unable to connect to the remote server

Hello all,

I am deploying Databases, worker roles and web role to Azure via Octopus Deploy. My deployment process happened after successful TFS build.
In post build event I added PackAndPublishNuGetPackages.ps1 script which creates NuGet package and push to Octopus built in repository (I am using Nuget.exe tool). After that CreateOctopusDeployRelease.ps1 script is executed which create Release on Octopus Deploy and release is deployed.

I That process usually works fine. I encountered with some issue last night.

In first script, which is purpose to ‘pack’ and ‘push’ NuGet package, I noticed some exception. NuGet packages are packed properly and stored in TFS working folder. When ‘push’ process occur I noticed “Unable to connect to the remote server” message in TFS log file. Basically NuGet packages are created but they are not pushed to Octopus built in repository! I can see that message 7 times because I have 7 nuget packages to push!

Any help or suggestions? Which process can affect to this behavior?

This issue is related to our network, NOT Octopus issue. I am closing this.