Unable to connect polling linux targets to octopus cloud

I am migrating self hosted Octopus Deploy to Octopus cloud and a I am in the process of creating new tentacles from deployment targets to the cloud instance. I discovered that polling tentacles are not communicating with the cloud instance. See the attached logs
Logs_1302023.txt (45.1 KB)

Hi @lemi.odidi ,

Thanks for reaching out. It looks like the log got Ctrl+C’ed before we got to the end potentially. Is it possible to see the final 100 or so lines of the log? Typically in situations like you’re in, it’s almost always a networking issue.

What are you seeing as far as errors/failures currently in the portal?

Are you able to speak to your network team to see if anything is cutting off the network stream on port 10943? Can they look for any sort of block/killed connections on that port?

Please let me know what you think.


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