Unable to connect linux tentacle to octopus

Hi Octopus support team,

I am unable to connect a linux tentacle to octopus after reimaging the azure linux machine, I followed a document from octopus to manually install and configure tentacle, then tried to “check health” from octopus
the error log from octopus shows:
Could not connect to SSH endpoint: Permission denied (publickey).
Permission denied (publickey).

could you please help with this?
Thank you!

Hi @ztony2

Thanks for contacting us.

Could you check that the public key is in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys for the user configured in Octopus?

Would you also be able to check the SSH logs/journal to see if there is any indication of why it is failing? It is usually under journalctl -u ssh. It would be worth sending that over to us if there is anything of note in there. You can send it to our private repository here: Support Files - ztony2

Kind Regards

Hi Sean,

Thank you for your reply.
Our Octopus is installed in a windows machine, I can rdp to this instance but there is no .ssh directory under: C:\Users<myusername> in octopus server.
how do I check SSH logs/journal if it is a windows machine?

Thank you!

Hi @ztony2

Sorry for the confusion here - you will want to check these on the linux target that you’re attempting to SSH into from the Octopus server.

Please let us know how you go, and if you have any further questions!

I logged in as root, and find my public key in the authorized_keys. let me upload the key to the private repo

Thanks for the uploads, @ztony2

From the looks of the authorized_keys file you uploaded, it looks like it’s root’s file. From the looks of that file, you will want to check the pubkey (for the key that Octopus is using) is in octotarget’s authorized_keys file? You can find this information in Octopus in Infrastructure → Accounts:

Hi Justin,

I just had a troubleshooting meeting with my team and found out the issue: the thumbprint in the default config file needs to be updated to the one from octopus UI. once it is updated, the connection is back to normal.

all are good. thank you!


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