UI Improvement: Grouped variables


While working with variables in octopus I thought it would nice to “group” variables so that it’s easier to navigate. This would allow someone to organise and reason about the variables easier.

Anyways, here goes:

A.B.C[Foo] = 42
A.B.C[Bar] = 3.14
A.B.C[Foobar] = 256

The above naming of variables would imply that they are related in some way. Therefore it would be nice if the UI could display them as such

    Foo = 42
    Bar = 3.14
    Foobar = 256

Obviously this is fairly arbitrary in the use of the [] but I think the idea is clear enough - have the UI group them together, even if in scripts etc they appear as flat key-value pairs. I think the ideal for me would be the ability to choose two or more variables to group together based on a pattern like A.B.C[#{element}] or A.B.#{element}.

p.s. nesting another grouping level underneath the initial grouping can be considered out of scope of this request. I don’t think I could come up with a clean UI design for that haha…

Hi Simon,

Thanks for getting in touch, and thanks for taking the time to send through this suggestion, we really appreciate it!

In this case I’m going to ask you to suggest this via Uservoice as that will help us gauge whether this is a pain point for other users as well. We do have improvements coming for the variables screen in Octopus, so it’s really a resource balancing act for us with limited development time available across the entire product.

Any questions please let me know!


Sure, no problems!

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