Two deployments deadlock each other

We’ve had an issue where by the deployments of two separate projects to the same environment / roles. Deadlocked each other. As you can see from the attached logs. ServerTask-70131 was started before ServerTask-70132. However 70131 hung at 21:03:52 and 70132 hung at 21:03:50. This task was later cancelled which allowed 70131 to continue without issue (70132 was retried later and it completed without issue). Is there anyway to prevent this from happening?

I’ve seen suggestions which mention enabling multiplex installations on the tentacle. However I’m concerned that the two projects might not be compatible with each other. Is there anyway we can just serialise these deployments so they block rather than deadlock?

We are using Octopus Version 3.11.18

ServerTasks-70131.log.txt (40 KB)

ServerTasks-70132.log.txt (4 KB)

Hi Stuart,

Something is not right, it should not deadlock!
Thanks heaps for the report and the logs.
Has this happened before ?
Are there any other tasks running at that specific time ?