Trying to add tentacle extension on my Azure VM

Hi, new to Azure and trying to follow the guide on how to enable a tentacle using: but I cant seem to find the “Octopus Deploy Tentacle Agent extension” in the Azure management portal. My WM in Azure is Windows Server 2012 R2, located in North Europe (D1 pricing model). The list of available extensions tha I see is pretty small and does not correspond to the list of "oficcial extensions mentioned here:, what am I missing?

Hi Emil,

Yes, it seems our Tentacle Extension has been removed from Azure.
We are pursuing this with Microsoft currently, and hopefully it will be available again soon.

Thank-you for reporting this.


Any update on this?

Any Update on this yet guys?

+1 for an interest in an update on this topic


We apologize. We are working to get this re-published.

I will update this thread as soon as it is available.

Again, we apologize for any convenience.


Hi Michael,

From what i can see this is still not available. Is there any updates to when this might be available?


Hi all,

We apologize for the delay on this.

We are currently working with Microsoft to create a new Tentacle VM extension. Hopefully it will be available within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, if it helps, this is the GitHub repository containing the PowerShell DSC resource that our old VM extension relied upon.

Again, we do apologize. If there’s any help we can provide while the Tentacle extension is moving through the publishing process, please don’t hesitate to ask.


OK, we’re waiting. Given that this has taken some time and that noone had noticed that the extension had been removed, I am wondering if we are using some type of obsolete Azure-hosting model(?) From what I can remember, we created a “virtual machine” in Azure because we were planning to host a fairly old application, that surely would not be compatible with any other hosting model.

So I guess my question is: How are most people working with deployments in Azure? Are they using Octopus at all?

Hi Emil,

Yes, many of our customers deploy to Azure :slight_smile:

There are two options:

The first are the Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings. e.g. Web Apps and Cloud Services. We have built-in deployment steps in Octopus for these. No Virtual Machines are required.

The second option is deploying to a Virtual Machine hosted in Azure (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), that has the Tentacle agent installed (your scenario). From Octopus’s perspective, this is no different to deploying to any Windows Server with the Tentacle agent running on it. The Octopus Azure VM Extension was simply a convenient way to create a Windows Server 2012 VM with the Tentacle Agent installed. You can certainly create a VM and install the Tentacle agent on it without using the extension (which is fortunate, since it is currently unavailable).

I hope this helps to clarify.


Have we an estimate for when the Tentacle VM extension will be available?