"TRY AGAIN" defaults back to all targets

I am using Octopus 2018.4.1.

I am doing a deployment that has excluded some steps and also only included certain targets, but then the deployment fails. So I click the TRY AGAIN button, and even though the previously excluded steps remain, all the targets are then selected again.

I would expect the TRY AGAIN to also pick the correct targets in the same way it retries the correct steps.

Hi Gavin,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Unfortunately you have run into a current bug as described here. I have added this ticket as a link from the issue and raised with the relevant internal teams.

Hopefully we can get this resolved shortly for you!


Hi Alex

Thanks very much for the prompt reply, and it’s good to know it had already been captured and worked on.

I shall hang tight for now and look forward to the future fix.


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