Trouble with Okta Authentication

We’ve completed setting up Octopus on our Okta site and then followed the Octopus Documentation for configuring the Octopus server. However we cant not get Okta to log us into our Octopus site when clicking the Octopus chiclet from Okta (it just takes us to the Octopus login page). From there we are able to log in via the ‘Sign in with Okta’ option, but we would expect that clicking the Okta chiclet would route us to Octopus and log in.

Okta Configuration:

Okta Logs:
octopus_log.csv (28.7 KB)


Thanks for getting in touch. Is Okta the only authentication provider you have enabled?

Our login UI stops and requests the input from the user by default as a design decision. This can be overriden though if you only have a single non-forms based provider like Okta enabled. So in your scenario if you set Auto Login to true you should get the behavior you’re after.

Hope that helps.