Trigger Octopus deployment build thru remote

Hi Team,

I m new to Octopus, and need this your expertise and insite on this tool.

My team is planning to build a web page and integrate octopus to trigger latest release to QA and run my regression suite thru remote.

Jenkins has such option to trigger thru command prompt or jobs or integrate with web page to make API calls and trigger the build and deploy and run regression suite.

Could any one help me to understand if there is any such API or any way to trigger the build remotely so that i can run my regression suite wen ever necessary from any where ?

Hi @deepakmr,

Thanks for getting in touch! We have a command-line tool called Octo.exe which is designed for just this. All of our integrated plugins are built of it.

This command-line tool will let you create releases and deploy them via the command-line. Does this look like what you are after here?

Let me know if you have any other questions or get stuck here.

Best regards,

Thanks a ton @Daniel_Fischer for the information, I found the useful API for triggering the build and deploy. Say I have 7 steps in my deployment process, What I need to do if I have to trigger only specific step# from the deployment process ?

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