Transfer a package step

Hi Team,

I am having a package in my jfrog artifactory and I just want to copy it to a file share. Can it be possible without tentacle or I need to install tentacle on that target and then only I can copy the package?

Please, let me know if I miss something


Hey @prabhjotkour.91,

Thanks for contacting Octopus Support and great question on the transfer a package step.

For this step you do need an Octopus Target in order to transfer a package onto that target. The tentacle software itself acts as an agent to the Octopus Server so Octopus can ‘talk’ to the target and send the package to it.

You do not have to install tentacle itself onto a target as you could use the transfer a package step on an SSH Linux target which does not have tentacle installed (but it does have Calamari so does have Octopus tools on it so the Octopus Server can talk to the target). But it would depend on what the OS of the target you want to send the package to is as to if it is Linux or Windows as only Linux targets can be setup for SSH connections.

Can you access your jfrog artifactory via a URL, is it on-prem or in cloud? Where is the file share located?

You could possibly script this if you wanted, you could write a script to get a file from your jfrog artifactory via its direct file link and then copy that to your file share but it would depend on permissions on the file itself (can anyone access it, do you need jfrog account details in order to access it) and also the file share (again is that accessible to everyone) it would also depend on if jfrog artifactory would let you grab a file from there and copy it to another location. I imagine it is possible. We are not experts on this though so you would have to do a bit of googling here for the script itself and see if that would be possible and how to do it.

For the script, you would need to use a Run a Script step instead of a Transfer a Package step and you could just run it on any target you have or a worker, so you would still need a tentacle (target) but you could use any you have you would not need to install it on the target you want to transfer the package to.

If you wanted to make it a bit easier and not have to mess around with a script then yes, you would need to install Tentacle on your target unless your target is Linux based and then you could have it as an SSH target.

I hope that helps, let me know if you need anything further,
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