The variable value does not work after modification

Why do I publish the corresponding project after modifying the value of the variable in Octopus, but the original value is still in the configuration file instead of the modified value, and I can’t see my variable in the variable preview.

I saw the description of cache in the release log:

"Package XXXDeploy version 2.0.1-Dev001 found in cache. No need to upload this 6.789 MB package. Using … "

Is the cache affecting the update of variable values?

Hi @jianglili2015,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Is this in relation to a Deployment or a Runbook?

If it is a deployment, variables are snapshotted when a Release is created. Any changes made to variables after the creation of a release will not be reflected in any deployments.
In order to use the new variable values you will either need to create a new Release or select the current Release and use the Update Variables button.

A runbook works in a similar way, but you would have to Publish a new version of the Runbook to capture the new variable values.


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