The Tentacle adds the value of a variable instead of replacing it!

I have a DBConnectionString file in my test web application. In Octopus web portal I’ve defined the variable DBConnectionString and assigned it the value: Server=HKNTWEBTEST;Database=EpiServer;Integrated Security=SSPI. But after deploying the application the Tentacle puts the following in my connectionString.config file which is totaly wrong:

As you can see instead of replacing the value the Tentacle adds the string to the connectionString: connectionString=“Server=HKNTWEBTEST;Database=EpiServer;Integrated Security=SSPI” !!!

Does anyone know why?


According to the documentation on MSDN you should be using connectionString= rather than value=. For example:

    <add name="DBConnectionString" connectionString="........." /> 

Currently Octopus is adding the connectionString attribute because it does not already exist.


Thank you very much for your fast reply Paul. Now it works like a charm. :slight_smile: