The package was not found on this machine

I had to reinstall a tentacle to point to a different project. I went to a do a deployment and it now fails when trying to install the packages with this message. I uninstalled and removed the directories. When I check the .Tentacle folder, it has a nuget package with filename_4C9AD97832C34D40AB53649CFE70187A.nupkg in there. I’ve changed it to download the package from the tentacle and it still fails.


Would you be able to let us know which Octopus version you’re using? If possible, sending the raw task log ( might help shed some light on the issue.

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I’ve attached the log from the failed run where I had enabled the tentacle to download for the first package.

I have removed and re-installed the tentacles on the server. Deleted them from Octopus.

ServerTasks-2347.log.txt (38 KB)


Thanks for posting the log! It makes it much easier to work these things out. I think this is the problem - compare this line:

Found package API version 0.9.2589.0

And this line:

Download package API 0.9.2589 from NuGet

It looks like your package in NuGet has a trailing .0, which is being trimmed somewhere, perhaps by the NuGet server when selecting package versions.

If you change the trailing .0 to .1 and flow this through to the release it should work.

I think we need to add a check to Octopus when downloading packages that the version number string matches exactly, so that we can fail the deployment with a clearer error message (Tentacle searches for 0.9.2589, but finds 0.9.2589.0, and doesn’t notice the difference).

I’ve recorded a bug here to track this:

In the mean time removing the trailing .0 when you create the package, or changing it to .1, should solve the problem. Hope that helps!


I can confirm that the version number is the cause of this error.

I configured a new Octopus project release to use a specific version of packages from my TeamCity hosted Nuget feed.

Initially I entered “5.3.1472” as the explicit version number for the packages to include. The server was able to download the packages fine and upload them to the tentacles, but the tentacles then couldn’t find them.

Creating a new release with the version “5.3.1472.0” (note the additional .0 on the end) made everything work.

Working with Octopus Deploy; posted under the Good Samaritan principle, hope this saves someone some time.

Thanks for the follow-up Bevan. This should be detected properly in the upcoming 2.4.

Thanks for the help guys. Entered them properly and everything worked just fine.