The following resources were not found

hello. We have a deployment step which looks like this:

After we updated to the newest 2023.1 (Build 9794) this step is always dies with the following message:

"The step failed: Activity Pause until Downtime Window Open on the Octopus Server failed with error ‘The following resources were not found: Unity’. "

“Unity” is our project name. We tried to create a new release, but no success. We have this log file:
ServerTasks-272221.log.txt (30.1 KB)
The following resources were not found: Unity | Octopus.Core.Model.Exceptions.EntityNotFoundException

Do you have idea what should we fix?

Good afternoon @jozsef.horvath,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support and sorry to hear you are having issues with one of your deployments.

First I would just like to confirm if the values in your first screenshot as sensitive because the tasks log you put in the post has the names of the steps written in it so if they are sensitive please let me know and I will set this forum post to private.

  • As for the error message, it looks like the step that is failing is step 2 and it looks like its based on a custom step template is that correct?
  • Is the main project you are showing us called Unity?
  • Are you able to click on and load the main custom step template in Library > Step templates?
  • What does that step (step 2) actually do?
  • If you disable that step does it deploy the rest of the project with no issues?
  • What is the error message you are seeing when you try to create the release is is the same resource not found error?
  • When was the last time that project deployed successfully and do you know if anything has changed in that project since then?
  • I can see this is a config as code project, what happens if you change a value in a step and commit that change does it commit it or does it throw the error?

Hopefully we can get this sorted for you, let me know on making this post private too.

Kind Regards,

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