TFS Octopus NuGet package not viewable in VS 2019

Using the TFS step “Package Application for Octopus” to create a NuGet package, the new package isn’t viewable after publishing. It is not viewable in VS 2019 (NuGet Package Manager) or using NuGet Package Explorer. However, it is created and available to be used by Octopus Deploy … its just not viewable in VS 2019.

Prior versions are viewable. I’m not sure what has changed over the past few months, but I can see versions created from months ago.

Any ideas? (It is not a pre-release viewing issue)

Hi @frank.valtierra,

Thank you for contacting Octopus support. We would need a bit more information to resolve this.

  • Was there a recent update in the TFS step that packages NuGet for the Octopus?
  • Do you have logs for the build? Particularly with the part where the package is built and pushed.
  • What feed is used for this? I would assume it’s not the Octopus internal feed since this one is write-only, and we need to see it in VS2019 or Package explorer.
  • If you have logs from the version where it was working before, it might help.
  • Are there any errors logged anywhere? Or does it just show an empty feed?

Thank you.

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