TFS Create Release Task - Deep Links to Release Notes


I’m running Octopus Deploy 3.4.11 and TFS On Premise (2015.3). I have a TFS Project that has a repository which contains several solutions, each with a number of version branches and each also have a development/trunk branch, i.e:-

Solution 1
V1 Branch
V2 Branch
Development Branch
Solution 2
V4.1 Branch
V4.2 Branch
Development Branch

I have four TFS Builds that are scheduled to run overnight and have the Create Octopus Release task. These builds are for the trunk branches for each solution and automatically deploy to our system test environment. The Create Octopus Release tasks are all set to include changeset comments and work items (see screenshot attached).

Unfortunately each release in Octopus is getting changeset comments and workitems from the entire TFS repository.

Is there anyway I can configure the create release task to only include changeset comments and work items from the specific solutions trunk branch? I had assumed that by specifying the repository mappings the release notes would be relative to that path?


Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The Create Release step for VSTS/TFS is very dependent on what the build itself decides has changed since the last build. Unfortunately, I don’t think it currently distinguishes between changes in different branches of the codebase. With respect to Changesets/commits, I’m sure this can be done, however it’s little more difficult with related Work Items (which aren’t directly related to code branches and can have commits from multiple branches).

I’ve added this to my backlog to see if I can come up with a solution. I suspect it will just be a checkbox that filters changeset comments to those from the branch being built. To filter the related work items would require a bit more digging, but that may also be able to be done.

In short, right now there’s no real way to restrict changesets or work items to a particular branch. I will be looking at it, however, so stay tuned!


Hi Damian,

Thanks for taking the time to look at this. I’m pleased its on your backlog and look forward to seeing your solution.

In the meantime I’ll code around this using powershell to create and deliver appropriate release notes to Octopus.