TFS and IIS Feature Branch Deployment

We are at a crossroads in my organization. I am wanting to implement feature branch testing to increase the speed at which we can deploy to production. My question is this. How can I with TFS build a feature branch and create the nugget package and then push that package to Octopus Deploy? Once the package is there, create a release that will deploy the release to IIS and create either a custom port binding for that feature to be tested or create a virtual directory for testing. I would prefer to have it assign a port number for the sake of not having to deal with references in my code. I know how I can do all this manually, but I am having trouble connecting the dots between the three tools. Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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We have a feature called “Channels” that was built for pretty much this scenario.

I recommend you to take a chunk of your morning (coffee in hand) and go through this big blog post (video included) that walks you through how this feature works:

That blog post won’t cover 100% of what you need to achieve your objective, but It’ll be a very good start point to start connecting a few of the missing dots. So once you finish it, I encourage you to get back to us and let us know which other questions you have.

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