Testing Octopus Tentacles side by side

Hey guys,
We’re going to be doing a major upgrade (from 3.x to 4.x) and now have a large set of projects running on the Production version (3.16.1) and want to test upgrading using our Test instance (2018.2.3). We wanted to leave the current version and it’s tentacles in place, and install a new tentacle instance on the same server (running on a different port). The problem I run into is that there is no way to change the Windows Service name, and so the newer Tentacle version uninstalls the older version then installs the newer version. I COULD re-install the older version and update the Windows Service name and then install the newer version but that would kind of suck … so I would rather not =)

Let me know if there’s anything that might help me sort this out. I wasn’t able to find anything, although who’s to say that my google skills aren’t up to par …

Mike Lee

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch!

You are correct that we don’t (easily) support side by side installs of Tentacle, however I do have an alternate solution for you. Our current Tentacle (from v3.0 onwards) is both backwards and forwards compatible. What that means is that you can configure a second instance pointing to your new Octopus 2018.2.3 server alongside you current server and it will work seamlessly.

If you also want to test the newer Tentacle version it is backwards compatible with your 3.16.1 Octopus Server so you can run the upgrade and it will continue to work as normal.

I hope that helps, please let me know if there is anything else that I can help with,


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So basically, if I use the Octopus Manager and update the thumbprint to match the one from the test server, that should work? Is there any way to change the thumbprint other than through the Manager UI/Re-installing the Tentacle?

I just realized you can have it install via the Manager so ignore the last question.

New question! I’m assuming the two instances can’t wait on the same port, or can they? For now I’m going +1 on the default port number.

Hi Michael,

We do indeed recommend a seperate port, default port +1 will work.

As for your previous question, if you are going to need to bulk update Tentacles I would recommend having a look at out Tentacle.exe command line docs, specifically register-with.

Let me know if there is anything else you need,


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