Tentacle version rolled back after update

I think I may have found a bug?

using the portal, I updated all my environments (a tentacle was running 1.0.30.x and the others were on 1.0.31.x).

I checked the Octopus Tentacle service and could see the .exe being run was the new 1.0.31. I then started the Octopus Tentacle Admin app and on the Server tab hit the ‘restart’ button - the service shutdown and then restarted. I then checked the .exe that the Octopus Tentacle service was running and it had reverted back to the 1.0.30.x

Not sure if the better thing to do is update the tentacle admin app at the same time as the service (ideally via the portal) or to just update the app to not roll-back the service .exe - food for though for you Paul :slight_smile:



Thanks for reporting this Wayne, I’ll try to fix this in the next release.