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Octopus Cloud is informing me that several tentacle installations need to be upgraded. Where do I find the release notes for version 7.01?

Good morning @robert_a,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support and great question on Tentacle release notes, I am just in the process of getting some information from our engineers regarding this as another customer has reached out via email asking us the same question.

What we know so far is that unfortunately we don’t get release notes for Tentacle in the same way as we do for Octopus Server (this has been an ongoing thing for many years where customers have been asking for release notes for Tentacle).

The only way currently is to do a compare on GitHub between the tags you want to know what changed. But this will give you the raw commits rather than nice, user-friendly release notes.

We do have a page here which is a bit more user friendly but it has not been updated in quite a while so I am in the process of trying to see if our engineers can get that updated and continue to keep it updated.

We do include breaking changes to Tentacle on the download comparison page so we will always address anything there (ie the change from .NET 4.5 to .NET 4.8 was communicated on the comparison page) but it would be nice for it to have its own page with Tentacle specific release notes.

If I find anything new out I will let you know, it is something our users are keen to have available so thank you for reaching out and asking for it as it has given us some more evidence as to customers appetite for it.

Kind Regards,

Hi Clare
It would be very useful if we could get release notes. An increment from version 6.x to 7.x implies a breaking change of some kind and would like to understand any potential impact on deployments.

Hi Robert,

Any breaking changes in Tentacle are currently listed in the Release notes for the Octopus Server version that Tentacle is shipped with.


As Clare mentioned, we are exploring the possibility of providing separate Tentacle release notes.


Hey @robert_a

I know it has been a while, but we have a positive update for you on Tentacle release notes, the engineers have done some pre-work on what would be involved in getting something implemented for customers and us to use internally and it looks like it’s going to be a bit less complicated than they thought.

As a start, they will add tentacle release notes to their own page though we are not sure what that will look like yet or where those will be stored. The engineers are keen to pick it up, aiming to have it delivered in around 4 weeks’ time. This does depend on the volume of work the team receives as the engineers are primarily reactive, so it may get dropped.

I will keep pushing for the release notes though, as I do believe it would be highly beneficial for our customers and us in Support to get an idea of what has changed between the tentacle versions.

I hope this news is welcomed and if I hear anything back in the next week or so I will keep you updated, otherwise keep checking the Tentacle downloads page as I think that is where we will put the release notes once they are finalised and put on the website.

Kind Regards,

Hey @robert_a,

Just wanted to get one more update to you and any other customer that searches for tentacle release notes on this forum page, our engineers have created an official GitHub issue for this which you can find linked below.

If you subscribe to that GitHub issue you will be notified via email when we have put a procedure in place to facilitate that feature and put the link on the tentacle downloads page.

Hopefully that is welcomed news,
Kind Regards,

Hi Clare
Thank you, this will be very useful once in place, and give us peace of mind when upgrading Tentacles.

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