Tenant Releases are being leaked to other tenants with the same tag

I figured out the issue causing this. When I created my target destination, in the section where you can select tenants and/or tags, I had specified both the tenant and the tag. this caused it to match on all other tenants with that tag.

I have a scenario where I have set up several tenant machines in my dev environment. Each tenant gets a ‘type’ tag. When I run a targeted deployment for that tag, the result is that all tenants with that tag get a deployment for each machine that has the same tag.

My Scenario:
Dev Environment: CAS1 CAS2 (Tenants, both have the tag of Cashier)
Deployment result: Both machines have folders for CAS1 and CAS2.

See screen shots:


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the update here! I’m glad to hear that you figured it out! Tenants can be a bit complex to set up initially, they are worth the trouble though. Let me know if you run into any other issues, or have any further questions here. :slight_smile:

Best regards,