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I’m looking to get some information about the limits as far as number of tenants that I can create. I am looking at creating about four or five different run books which I was hoping to link to up to 5000 tenants… I don’t want to run all of these tenants at once as I obviously know that running 5000 projects will most likely push our server beyond its capacity and would probably never run more than 100 tenants at once (using tenant tags to discriminate) but I was wondering if there are any limits as far as the number of tenants you can put into an Octopus space or link to projects. Additionally I have some questions around how Octopus handles multiple tasks running on the same server using the same executable and whether it handles them differently on deployment targets from workers.

Let me know what you think and possibly we can have a call about this


Hi Dave,
Thanks for sending this good question.

I will direct you first to the FAQ for tenanted deployments:
Multi-tenant deployments FAQ | Documentation and Support?

So we say there is no limit but obviously as you say its limited by your hardware realistically. There is a lot of good advice on that page anyway and its a good place to get a feel for how far you can take tenanted deployments.

In fact one of our team did a cool webinar on multi-tenancy a few months ago which walks through the basics and some advanced topics with using tenants:

As for your other question around handling multiple tasks running on the same server, perhaps you can give us a bit more context?
We have some docs on running tasks in parallel using a mutex flag:

It will depend on a few factors as to whether this is a good solution, for example if your executable needs sole access to a config, or if antivirus is present or other WAF tools that can cause issues. IIS also has some limitations in this area.

We generally don’t do calls in Support unless its a Production down or blocked issue. If you do have a need for in depth discussion on some of these topics we have a Professional Services team who can engage and run through the scenarios you need.

Let us know if you want to discuss more.

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