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Does octopus provide build templates (not a single step template) that we can attach/derive from so that my team’s CD follows a similar process?

We have a windows deployment step with a pre-deployment and a post-deployment step (so a total of 3 steps). I want them to be clubbed in a single template and a new project can derive from this template and only provide parameters (much like a TeamCity does).

Does Octopus provide any such facility (out-of-the-box)?


Hi @Nikhil_Agrawal,

Thanks for getting in touch!

We don’t have anything exactly like this at present.

There are a couple of options that may work for you though.

The first would be to create a Template Project and then use the Clone Project option to create new projects based on the steps within.

The other option would be to use our new config as code feature to create a template deployment_process.ocl and then copy that to any new projects as needed.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for replying.

The Clone project option looks good. We can use that though I believe that the project gets disconnected from a cloned project and any changes in a template project would not reflect in the cloned project (pls correct me if otherwise).

‘config as code’ is something new to me and moreover, it’s an Octopus cloud feature. Will have a look at this - any plans for this to come to the Octopus server?


That’s correct, a cloned project would be fully disconnected.

Config as code is available to both server and cloud instances of Octopus starting in version 2021.3. We currently have one build of 2021.3 available for download (8275), however, there is a new build we are hoping will be released within the next week or so and I would recommend waiting for that before upgrading.

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