Template upgrading doesn't work

Hi guys

I have a problem with updating the changed templates in a project

I have a project with 2 templates.
The first template executes Powershell script
The second template deploys the nuget package.

I need to change PS script.
My steps:

  1. Change template PS script
  2. Go to the template step in project and update the template to latest version
  3. Save the step

But during next deploy the old PS script is still executed.
Even if I’ll remove first step, it will be executed during the next deploy

I have to re-create the project to fix this issue. We have 60 project, so it’s wrong way…

My steps are correct?

Hi Boris,

Thanks for reaching out. Your steps seem correct, there’s just one thing you did not mention: After you saved the step, did you create a new release and deployed it, or did you just re-deploy a release that was created prior to updating the template? You need to create a new release to see the changes made to your deployment process (in your case, your step update).



Okay. I’ll try
Thank you