TeamCity plugin/Create Release fails for non-version controlled projects

I added in the TeamCity project template we use to push built solutions to Octopus and create a new release. It worked fine for the project I’d just placed under version control.

The description in Team City says it is ignored for non-version controlled projects:

However the build failed as the Create Octopus Release step errored with:

Since the provided project is not a version controlled project, the --gitCommit and --gitRef arguments are not supported for this command.

I can override this on a project-by-project basis as we convert the Octopus deployment processes to config-as-code, but it would be much simpler if it did what it says and ignored it on the non-versioned projects.

I wasn’t sure whether to put this thread under the Octopus Server or Integration topic - feel free to move it if it’s in the wrong place.



You’re completely right. Thank you for reaching out. I’m going to pass this to the team in charge of this integration.

Just to confirm, you don’t have -gitRef or -gitCommit specified anywhere else? As an additional argument for example?

I highly doubt you do, but I just want to cover all the bases.


Hi Darryl,

I’ve created an issue, that you can subscribe to so you are informed of when this issue is resolved.

Thanks for helping shape Octopus Deploy.

Hi Dane,

No I don’t pass it in anywhere else - when I removed it from the project template, it successfully created the release for the non-versioned project as expected.

Thanks for logging the ticket. Normally when I report a problem it turns out you guys already knew. This time I’ll be looking out for my issue in the release notes :slight_smile:


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