TeamCity Plugin strips quotes from command line args

The latest version of the TeamCity plug-in ( does not allow quoted strings to be used as optional command line args.

We were using this feature to pass release notes to Octopus so that we could tag builds with the VCS commit number, branch name and some other details. With this new behavior our quoted string is stripped down and Octo.exe throws an error when trying to parse the command line arguments.

For example:

–releasenotes=“Teamcity build (commit ref), from branch develop”

TeamCity build log is attached.

Publish_dev_package_430.log (2 KB)

Thanks for the details, we’ll follow up via:



It seems counterintuitive, but when passing command line arguments, this syntax is actually not the right way to quote arguments:

--foo="hello world"

The quotes have to surround the entire argument, not just the value part. The correct way is:

"--foo=hello world"

Alternatively you can do:

--foo "hello world"

While command prompts/PowerShell are pretty forgiving of this, the Java parsing library used in the TeamCity plugin is a bit more strict, and it ignores quotes in the middle of the argument, resulting in this error. Using the syntax above will fix the issue.

Hope that helps!