Teamcity octopus not deploy latest packages


I need some help, for one reason, this project, when octopus deploy by TeamCity, it’s getting the package with the version one before of the last one.

I’ve been found something similar, but do not resolve my problem.

Can someone help me?



Correct screenshots

Hi Felipe,

Thanks for reaching out. TeamCity makes the Artifact available only after the build has finished. So when the “Create Release” step runs, the .91 artifact is still not available so Octopus finds .90 as the latest one.

To solve this, separate your process into 2 build configurations:

  1. Compile the solution and upload the artifact.
  2. Run the “Create Release” step.

Let me know how it goes


Hi Dalmiro,

Thanks for reply, I’ve just change the parameter ‘Execute’ of the Release step from ‘If all previous steps finished successfully’ to ‘Only if build status is successful’ and it’s work.

I’ve try to look at yours recommendations, but I really do not know how do with artifact.

The problem was sorted, so, thanks for the help.