Tasks stuck in "Cancelling" status

(Douglas Hammon) #1

Hello, We have a hosted instance (https://visiontrax-prod.octopus.app/) of octopus where 4 tasks are stuck in the canceling status. I’ve restarted the tentacles, but that has not resolved the issue. Please help.

(Robert Wagner) #3

Hi Doug,

We think we have found the issue and are rolling out an update so it stops occurring. I will need to restart your instance to clear those tasks however.

The update will roll out to your instance in about 7 hours (which is your outage window). I can do it right now if you want, it will involve about 15-30 minutes downtime. Otherwise I can just restart the server now (1 minute downtime), the downside being tasks may get stuck again. Either option will stop any running tasks.

The alternative, if a restart is not desired as there are tasks still legitimately deploying, I can increase the task limit for now (but that won’t unblock the hung task).

Let me know which option best suits you.

(Douglas Hammon) #4

Hi Robert,

Please update/restart it now. We need to deploy an application tonight.

(Robert Wagner) #5

Ok, the upgrade is starting

(Robert Wagner) #6


Your instance has been upgraded and is available for use

(Douglas Hammon) #7


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