Task page improvement - Allow filtering by Tenant

I use the Tasks page constantly, filtered to the Deploy task type so I can keep on top of all the deployments in progress, and their history.
Currently this page allows filtering by:
Task Type
Server Node
We run a tenanted system, with just one Project, and one Server Node, so we never use these filters. We often need to see the deployment history of one of our 50-odd tenants, so just filtering by the Environment doesn’t help. I know many other people would use all these filters, but it would be great if the filters were user-customisable as a configuration item for example, so you could select which filters were available on this page, and include Tenant as one of them.


Thanks for getting in touch! That’s a really good idea and we’re very close to having that implemented. I’ve added this issue for you to track when we add this enhancement: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/3629

Hope that helps!

Thanks Mike, that’s great news!
Cheers, Simon.

On a similar tangent, on the task deployment screen (/app#/projects/cls-azure/releases/1.1611.0.158/deployments/Deployments-521), the bottom-right corner shows a history of deployments to the currently deploying environment, let’s say for example ‘DEV’. When you are running a tenant-based system, this information is quite irrelevant, as it shows you previous deployments to ‘DEV’ but for tenants other than the one you are currently deploying to so it really has no meaning in this context. A better option would be to check the configuration to see if this is a tenant-based system and if so, then display the history for this tenant/env combination, or event just the tenant history for all of its environments, otherwise then just display the env history as it is now. What do you think?

Hi Simon,

That’s a neat idea actually. I’ve added it to our UserVoice site as a way to gauge whether other people agree: https://octopusdeploy.uservoice.com/forums/170787/suggestions/19956919

We’ve been surprised at times where people get benefit from the current approach… :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

Thanks Mike, much appreciated!