Suppress transformation warnings


I’m using Octopus Deploy
In one of my projects, there’s a config file that can have different formats (depending on build configurations). I have a couple of transforms running on that config and warnings are triggered when elements are not found (which is normal). I’d like Octopus to stop putting the whole deployment in a “Warning” state because people who are not aware of the process can think that something went wrong.
I tried adding “Octopus.Action.Package.IgnoreConfigTranformationErrors” and “Octopus.Action.Package.IgnoreConfigTransformationErrors” to the project variables (as per ) but that doesn’t seem to do it.
Is there any other way to achieve what I’m looking for?


Hi Diana,

Thanks for getting in touch! We do not have a setting or workaround that would help your situation. You have warnings, we need to show it completed with warnings. IgnoreConfigTransformationErrors only allows the deployment to continue running with those errors but will still give you a state of yellow successful deployments, and again it only works for errors and not warnings.

Sorry it’s not better news.

Hi Vanessa,

In my scenario I had a variable transformation error but the deployment continued and status was warning.

I want the deployment to failed in this scenario. What can i do. Please advise.

Using Octopus 2.6.5