Support for "upcoming release"?

Does Octopus support creating a “not-ready-for-deploy” release? This would be a nice way of indicating that a release is being built, but it cannot be deployed yet.

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The main problem here would be that when you create a Release the packages and versions are snapshotted against that release. So, if your scenario is that the correct package versions won’t be available at the time of release creation, then creating a release would link to the wrong package versions and there isn’t a way to update this without deleting and re-creating the release.

If the packages are available and you are looking to prevent the release from being promoted up through the environments. Then you can use the octo cli prevent-releaseprogression argument or select this from the UI within a release’s overflow menu.

This only blocks progression to higher environments though, it does not prevent the release from being deployed to the current environment.


yeah that makes sense. I guess I’m looking for a way to create a “release-placeholder” that would be overwritten by an “actual release” once the CI passes (and all package refs would be evaulated when the actual release was created, not when the placeholder was created).

But I totally understand the limitation, thanks for the prompt response!

  • Trond

You could potentially create the release (it would link to the old packages), set it to Prevent Progression and then when it is ready use the delete-release octo cli command before re-creating it with the correct packages.

It isn’t the cleanest of methods though.