Support for Azure Cloud Services (Extended Support)

Is there a timeline for Octopus Deploy supporting Cloud Services (Extended Support)?

It’s not possible to set up a new cloud services target now:

Unable to verify account: Azure Management Certificates can no longer be verified through Octopus. Azure Management Certificates are being deprecated and Azure Service Principals are now recommended for authentication.

Hi @jeremiah,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support.

According to our documentation:

Azure announced that from June 30th 2018 support for Service Management API (which indicates Cloud Services) would be retired. Azure stated at the time that “Cloud Services is similar to Service Fabric in degree of control versus ease of use, but it’s now a legacy service and Service Fabric is recommended for new development”

We recommend reading the Azure guide to choosing a compute service to help choose a replacement you can deploy to Azure with.

Additional information here:

Disable Package Extraction and Re-Packaging

Based on customer reports and Azure community discussions, we believe Microsoft is no longer recommending Azure Cloud Services: Choosing an Azure compute service - Azure Architecture Center | Microsoft Docs. Several customers have reported timeout issues in regards to Azure Cloud Services and slow re-packing of CTP packages. Unfortunately, we cannot fix this issue, as noted here.

The issues around timeouts and slow re-repackaging can be mitigated by passing in the variable Octopus.Action.Azure.CloudServicePackageExtractionDisabled and setting the value to true. However, in doing so, variable substitution will no longer be available.

It appears that Microsoft is sunsetting Azure Cloud Services. The Support Team is not currently aware of plans to stop supporting this. However, Octopus is dependent on Azure in this case.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.

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HI @donny.bell ,

Thanks for the reply. I think you are confusing Cloud Services (Classic) with with Cloud Services (Extended Support).

From the Docs: (Extended Support) is a new deployment model that uses ARM.

Cloud Services (extended support) is a new Azure Resource Manager based deployment model for Azure Cloud Services product and is now generally available. Cloud Services (extended support) has the primary benefit of providing regional resiliency along with feature parity with Azure Cloud Services deployed using Azure Service Manager. It also offers some ARM capabilities such as role-based access and control (RBAC), tags, policy, and supports deployment templates.

With this change, the Azure Service Manager based deployment model for Cloud Services will be renamed Cloud Services (classic). You will retain the ability to build and rapidly deploy your web and cloud applications and services. You will be able to scale your cloud services infrastructure based on current demand and ensure that the performance of your applications can keep up while simultaneously reducing costs.

Depending on the application, Cloud Services (extended support) may require substantially less effort to move to Azure Resource Manager compared to other options. If your application is not evolving, Cloud Services (extended support) is a viable option to consider as it provides a quick migration path. Conversely, if your application is continuously evolving and needs a more modern feature set, do explore other Azure services to better address your current and future requirements.

I understand that the (classic) approach is being retired. Can you clarify the timeline for Octopus Deploy supporting (Extended Support)?

Hi @jeremiah,

Thank you for getting back to me and clarifying.

I’ll have to reach out to our Development Team on this one to confirm. As soon as I hear back, I’ll let you know. However, our Dev Team is based in Australia and will not be available to answer until Sunday evening. I hope to have more information for you early next week.

I appreciate your patience while I look into this for you.

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Thanks @donny.bell

Hi @donny.bell

Since the new cloud services support ARM templates, perhaps it would be this simple:

Could you provide some guidance as to whether this is a workable solution or not?

Hi @jeremiah,

Thank you for getting back to me.

I did hear back from our Development Team. They were not confident this would work and it has not been tested. They said we would likely need to use different libraries to interact with cloud services via ARM.

At this time, we do not have any specific guidance we can provide to make this work.

However, I would recommend creating a feature request to put this on the radar here:

If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

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Thanks @donny.bell - this is really helpful.

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I found an existing feature request if anyone else wants to add their vote:


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