Supplying FormValues for new deployment doesn't result in these values appear in deployment

Hello, in Octopus, when I create new deployment with FormValues property specified, I don’t see these variables go to the deployment.

Also, if I trigger deployment from the Octopus UI and type prompted variables there, I see these variables being passed to the deployment. But if I query this deployment object from API (via /api/deployments/deployments-xxx), then I see empty value for the FormValues property.

What am I doing wrong? Are values for prompted variables being processed in other object (not deployment)?

Oh, nevermind, I’ve figured out the correct syntax using Fiddler :slight_smile:

But still there is a question, why querying deployment object doesn’t return anything in the FormValues property?

Btw, Octopus API documentation is far from complete. The main source of information on API is querying API with PowerShell.

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for reaching out. FormValues being empty doesnt seem to be right. I’ve submitted a github issue for this, though since that property is not actually being used, I’m not sure how much of a priority this will be

Glad to hear you sorted it out using fiddler. Here’s a snippet I wrote a while back that shows how to create and deploy a release with promt variables:

We are aware of the lack of documentation regarding the API and its something we plan on improving. Sorry for the inconveniences caused by this. You can always reach us out if you have any questions about it. Though the fiddler method is really effective as well.