Substitute Variables in linux deployment


I’m a long time Octo user (usually Windows tentacles), but this one has me stumped. I’ve enabled the Substitute variables in files for a yml config file, but it cannot find the file.

Here are the relevant details:

Octopus version v2019.12.2 LTS
Tentacle version 6.0.135

I deploy with a Bash Script with a package reference with an RPM inside, along with a yml config file.

INSTALLPATH="$(get_octopusvariable “Octopus.Action.Package[Default].ExtractedPath”)"

I verified the package name is, indeed, “Default”.

From the logs, I can clearly see that at one point, the config/metricbeat.yml file existed. Could this be an ordering issue? For example, could the variable substitution be happening after the extracted package has been removed?



Hi Alan,

Thanks for posting your issue, and sorry to hear things aren’t working as expected.

Would you be able to send me a full task log with variable logging enabled?

Also, could you send me a screenshot of your step so I can see how it’s configured?

Lastly, if you could provide me with details on the structure of the package the replacement is happening on, that should help me to further troubleshoot and figure out what’s causing this behavior.

You can either use this secure upload link, or send them to me in a direct message here.

I’m looking forward to getting this resolved with you.


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