Substitute variables in files converts encoding of file from ANSI to UTF8

Hi Guys,

I have come across a problem with the Substitute variables in files feature. I have a file encoded as ANSI which I would like to perform substitutions on, this works great, the variables are changed and the file looks good. however I have since had problems using this file as for some reason it has been re-encoded as UTF-8 format.

I assume that this is something to do with powershell natively using UTF-8.

Is there some way we can preserve the encoding?


This is currently planned for Release 2.4 as per

Looks like 2.4 should be released (at least for Pre-Release) within the week.

Thanks, I knew I had seen a similar case somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

2.4.1-pre is out now with this fix.


Thanks Guys I will give it a go :slight_smile: