Subscription not working

I was fairly certain I opened a ticket on this in the past, but was unable to find it in search.

I have a subscription to send an email when releases are created for a specific environment, but the log does not indicate (nor does my inbox), that this subscription is working.

What is the issue here?

Subscription config attached

Hi Swalsh,

Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve replicated it on our end, and we would recommend creating separate subscriptions per Event filter to trigger a notification. Adding more filters into one subscription narrows the scope which is why it couldn’t find something that matches your criteria.

In your example, Document created doesn’t apply for deployments and environments don’t apply to releases, so it won’t find a case to trigger that subscription. Try creating a subscription that creates Deployment queued for a specific environment and another for Document created when there is a Release.

Give that a try and let me know how you get on.


Still no luck. Here’s the release being created:

Here’s the new subscription:

Nothing in the logs.

Spoke too soon. Got an email now. Thanks!

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