Structured configuration variables in json array

Given the following appsettings.json:

    "Serilog" : {
        "WriteTo" : [
                "Name" : "File",
                "Args" : {
                    "Path" : "Logs/Log.txt"
                "Name" : "ApplicationInsights",
                "Args" : {
                    "InstrumentationKey" : "xxxxxxxx"

How would I go about replacing “InstrumentationKey” using structured configuration variable substitution? I’ve tried:

  • Serilog:WriteTo[@Name=“ApplicationInsights”]:Args:instrumentationKey
  • Serilog:WriteTo[Name=“ApplicationInsights”]:Args:instrumentationKey
  • Serilog:WriteTo[“ApplicationInsights”]:Args:instrumentationKey
  • Serilog:WriteTo[1]:Args:instrumentationKey

… without success.

Hi @niklas.uhlin

Thanks for your question!

I think to get the instrumentationKey you’d need a variable with a name like this:


The key part is the ordinal index doesn’t need square brackets.

I ran this through a quick test and it seemed to work for me.

Hope that helps!


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Worked like a charm.

Hey @niklas.uhlin

Awesome, glad to hear it worked!

Have a great rest of your day!