Step templates: Order parameters


We just discovered octopus and are rather excited by the product and functionality. So finding my way around i have some questions.

Step templates:

  • Is there a way to reorder the parameters. The order seems to be the way you enter them. But I would like them in a different order. The only way to accomplish that is to remove them and start over, which just doesn’t feel right :wink:

Create Website from NuGet package:

  • I presume if I want to do more fancy stuff, like assign different right to the application pool user for example I would need a power shell script for that yes?

Variables in general;

  • We use a naming convention for our websites and databases. With step templates I can make parameters. But is there a way I can assign parameters for a group of steps. At this point I have to enter the name parameter in the database step and website step, which is pron to error.

Thanks in advance !!


Thanks for getting in touch! Glad to hear you are excited for using Octopus :).

Re-ordering step templates parameters - Currently the only way is to delete them and re-create them, or manually modify the JSON code. There’s a Uservoice request for this though. Try to drop by and put some votes on it so we can consider it for future releases.

Create Website from NuGet package - For the app pool you could try using this step template to change the app pool indentity type or the user account running the pool. This step works both for creating or re-configuring an existing app pool. The Library has plenty steps that’ll help you do stuff with sites, web apps and pools. If none of those suit your needs, you can always go Powershell.

Variables in general - If you use a variable to fill the parameters, you can use the icon next to the parameter field to auto-fill the variable name and avoid typing it manually.




I have exported and imported the step with the json rearranged, not that much of a hassle after all. I will look into the other things.