Start 32 bit PowerShell process

I am attempting to use the BizTalkFacotory PowerShell Provider snap-in to deploy my BizTalk applications via Octopus Deploy. This snap-in requires to be run in a 32-bit version of PowerShell. What is the best method to instruct Octopus Deploy to start a 32-bit version of PowerShell and still have access to the Octopus Deploy variables and script modules?

Hi Ron,

Thanks for getting in touch! I asked around and it looks like this may not be possibly currently. Octopus looks for the PowerShell version based on the installed Tentacle. If you install 64 bit we will default to 64 bit PowerShell, and 32 bit installer will use 32 bit PowerShell.

While it may be possible to start a new session in the script and define 32 bit PowerShell, I do not believe this will be able to evaluate your Octopus variables. It may also cause other unforeseen issues.

It looks like the best work around we can see here is to install the 32 bit Tentacle where you need this to happen.

Let me know if you have any questions here.

Best regards,

Thank you for the reply. That was the information I needed.