Staging/Uploading/Pushing packages before the deployment execution

Not sure if this has been asked before or is already implemented, partly due to not knowing exactly what to search for.

Is it possible to push the packages to the tentacles before (say the day before) executing the deployment on a given environment and project?

The reason I ask is it takes quite a while to push the nuget packages to one of our external environments, where executing the actual deployment scripts takes a fraction of that time.

If we were able to push the packages earlier in the day, then the actual outage time given to our customers would be much less.

If this has already been asked and/or implemented please point me to the relevant doco. We are currently using, just need to find the right time for us to update …

Thanks in advance!

Hi Dion,

The way to do this is to add a manual step that pauses your deployment after the packages are uploaded, but before they are installed. This way you can run it the night before, then come back and hit “proceed” when you are ready to go.


That sounds exactly like what we want to do. That’s great, thanks for the fast reply!