SSL - Octopus and IIS Co-existence

I have IIS installed on a Windows Server 2012 which hosts TeamCity (via the Helicon Zoo extension for Jetty) and exposes it using SSL. I would like to get access to Octopus over HTTPS as well. Can the two live together using HTTPS using 443/tcp nicely or does the way you list for requests prevent that?

Hi - the next build of Octopus 2.0 will support sharing ports with IIS via host headers configured in the Octopus Manager web bindings.

It can be a bit tricky to share HTTPS ports though; unless you’re particularly determined :slight_smile: I’d recommend setting a different port or using a separate machine to host Octopus.


Never mind - I got it working with v2. :slight_smile:

Great - thanks for the follow up.